Monday, April 25, 2016

                   Hello, welcome to our blog. What we have been learning about in science is whether or not we should live forever or not. We have been thinking and learning about this. If the scientists get to where they can replace our organs or if we can live forever. Do you think that we should give a terrorist a longer life span? I don't think that we should because then we are giving them the chance to kill more people. We have also learned how a scientist in a lab has been working on replacing human organs, what they do is they take some of the cells from the person that they are replacing the organ or body part. They take the cells and they take a mold, so if you need an ear than they take an ear mold, and they will let the cells grow and multiply in the ear mold.  Also the cells will create living tissue, and the scientists will replace your ear. The reason why the scientists use your own cells is so that your body will not reject the ear or anything else. 

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