Friday, May 20, 2016

top scientist lesson

Welcome back to our blog. This week we did a science competition on subjects from all throughout the year. There were nine stages from simple questions to  a lab and a test. on one of the questions we had to find some one in the building and tell them what cell organelles do. It took three class periods for the winning group to finish. The winning group got a code to the padlock on a backpack. We also started on our nature walk projects.Our nature walks include finding out what plant are on our stops and a map of our route.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cell Mini-Lessons

     This week we have been finishing the rest of our cell mini-lessons! One group had questions that we had to answer and if we got it right we got to try to kick a ball into a garbage can to earn points. Another group had people stand around a "organelle" trying to block them from getting hit by flying balls. One of my favorite lessons was where we all stood in circle and linked arms to act as a cell wall. Then the people in the middle tried to get out by ramming into our arms. Only a couple people got out. Another one of my favorites was when we tried to get "food and energy" aka beads and gummy worms, out of this really thick and sticky goo. Then we had to separate the pieces into different buckets that were hidden outside. The last one I will talk about is when someone made a kahoot. A kahoot is an online program where you create questions and answers and the other people have to answer them using their own computer.  To get points you have to be the quickest person to answer and get it correct.  Please comment on other ideas that we could teach with. Also comment on fun facts that you know and anything that you want us to talk about.

Friday, May 6, 2016

       Hello welcome back to our blog. What we have been doing the past few weeks is learning about the cells that live in our body, and the cells that are in other plants. Our teacher had us get into groups and come up with a mini lesson .One thing that we have done to help us remember what the cell wall is we played a game of dodge ball to help us remember what the cell wall does and there where three organelles that we had to protect by making our own cell walls and the other team would try to throw balls at the other teams cell wall and who ever knocked over the cell wall won and then we would repeat it. The next activity was not that fun or educational it did not teach us anything at all, and I am sorry but that is true. The one that taught us about chloroplast was really cool what we did was very cool because it talked about how it works and also what it does. We also saw our own cheek cells and onion cells. It was really fun learning about the different parts of the cell. Thanks for reading.

Monday, April 25, 2016

                   Hello, welcome to our blog. What we have been learning about in science is whether or not we should live forever or not. We have been thinking and learning about this. If the scientists get to where they can replace our organs or if we can live forever. Do you think that we should give a terrorist a longer life span? I don't think that we should because then we are giving them the chance to kill more people. We have also learned how a scientist in a lab has been working on replacing human organs, what they do is they take some of the cells from the person that they are replacing the organ or body part. They take the cells and they take a mold, so if you need an ear than they take an ear mold, and they will let the cells grow and multiply in the ear mold.  Also the cells will create living tissue, and the scientists will replace your ear. The reason why the scientists use your own cells is so that your body will not reject the ear or anything else. 

Thank you for reading our blog! Please leave a comment of what you think about humans living forever.